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How do You Boost Your Metabolism

How do you boost your Metabolism?

Over the years I have tried many ways to increase my metabolism to burn more calories and fat. Especially at Rest. I have sampled over the counter supplements that are supposed to increase the calorie burn. These usually have stimulants like caffeine in them. Check with your doctor first if you want to take these. Some are dangerous. I had a bad experience with one and lost a whole day. I have never felt so sick as I did that day. So be warned!

There are natural ways that are much safer to speed up your metabolism. There are no magic pills that are going to help you lose weight. It takes time, work and making healthy eating choices. There are supplements that will help you if you take them along with eating healthy and exercising. When you cut calories you also cut the nutrients out that the body needs to function properly.

You need to follow a whole food diet. Eat lots of fish, lean meat, fruits, veggies and fats. Yes, I said eat fat. There is good fat that the body needs. Like Omega-3 fish oil. Make sure that the fish you eat is wild caught and not farm raised. Farm raised usually has chemicals added to make the fish look normal.

Foods that help increase your metabolism

Here are 21 foods that you should try to eat that will help your metabolism:

#7 is my favorite!

1. Almonds
2. Beans
3. Berries
4. Bone Broth
5. Celery
6. Chia Seeds
7. Chocolate
8. Apple Cider Vinegar
9. Cinnamon
10. Coconut Oil
11. Coffee
12. Curry
13. Wild Caught Fish
14. Grapefruit
15. Green Tea
16. Hot Peppers and Jalapenos
17. Lean turkey
18. Seaweed
19. Spinach
20. Watermelon
21. Water

You do not want to eat these all at once. Just try to incorporate them in your diet. They all have something the body needs.

Make sure that your calories come from good sources. A bowl of fruit is better than a piece of cake. The cake can have a negative impact on your blood sugar and cause you to gain weight. Where the fruit gives you vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy.

Eat a high protein breakfast can help your body regulate blood sugar and can help keep your metabolism up for a few hours after you eat.

If you found this helpful please share. If you have any questions or tips please reach out to me.

Thanks for reading!

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