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Welcome to Darin T Fitness

• National Academy of Sports Medicine – Weight Loss Specialist (NASM-WLS)

• Currently taking a Nutrition Certification course through Precision Nutrition


Hello and welcome to my site! My Name is Darin Theobald, I am a U.S. Air Force Veteran and sportsman.

I love to hunt, fish, hike and spend time with my two dogs Brewster and Duke. Brewster is a Lemon Beagle and Duke is a Yellow Lab.

Since getting out of the Air Force in 1990 I have been a gym rat off and on over the years. I made some gains in building muscle but did not eat the healthiest. Working in IT since 2003 my weight has gone up and down. Being a stress eater and working in a stressful career field is not good on the waist for me.

One day after seeing many P90X infomercials I decided to check them out on the web. Being overweight I needed to do something. I opted for an easier program called Power 90. The precursor to P90X. Nice circuit type workout with resistance and cardio. I lost 33 pounds doing it. I never thought I could do an at home workout program. The gym was not doing it so why not?

Did I keep the weight off? No I did not. I am a real person and I fell back in my old habits. I did get P90X eventually and lost 50 pounds doing that. My job at the time was in a Computer Help Desk call center. Sitting and on the phone trying to help people with computer problems. Very stressful to me and it got the best of me.

Being at my heaviest weight and close to being diabetic I had to make a change fast! My job changed to a less stressful one for me. Yay! Only I managed to [pinch a nerve in my back and could hardly function at all. Another stumbling block. Trips to the Chiropractor and lots of walking I managed to get my mojo back finally.

The new P90 workout program came out. Being very over weight I needed something fairly easy that I could do. P90 fit the bill to a T. I completed 90 days of the program and lost 20 pounds. That was Jan 1 of 2015. Since then I am down another 10 pounds as of March 1. The inches are still going down.

I signed up as a Beachbody Coach for the discount on their products like Shakeology and workout programs. Being a Veteran There are no fee’s at this time to be a coach. Yay! Basically a coach is a customer that has been through the programs and knows they are effective and helps others. A cheerleader if you will to motivate others and help them stay on track with their healthy eating and exercising.

Now I am looking to help others stay on track and live a healthier lifestyle. I am not a fitness fanatic. I am still on my journey trying to be better and keep myself healthy. I want to be able to spend active time with my dogs and going fishing and hunting. I want to help YOU be able to get out and be active and enjoy life. I want YOU to be able to spend quality time with your families. I can help you do that.

Please contact me any time with questions or if you just need to talk to someone that wont judge you and will listen when you are struggling to stay on track.

If you are a Veteran or Active Duty or the spouse of an Active Duty person please contact me if you would like to join my team. I can tell you about special deals just for you.